Chosen by God

Chosen by God

Children are born everyday into families whose financial position inhibit them from providing all that the desire to their children. But what happens when the parents of such circumstance live in an area that is neglected, supported by a government that refuses to help them. In India nothing happens! And nothing keeps happening until the child and the parents are dying of starvation and literally begging for help. Very quickly the situation can shift from bad to worse as a survival mentality takes over and parents turn from their children and abandon them into the world to care for themselves. This is the story of hundreds of thousands of children in India, this is the story of one child in India, this is the story of Bhagayasri Thata.

Thata Bhagayasri
Age: 13
Birthday: September 13, 1997
Village: Papavenasanam

Born into a strong Hindu family background, Bhagayasri’s family was very poor. Her father, who as in most Indian household, was the sole provider of the Thata family deceased while she was still very young. Quickly the already struggling Thata household became desperate for food and her mother began begging. She was able to raise Bhagayasri until the age of 10. But the environment, in which, Bhagayasri existed was not providing for her growing needs or body. Her mother became very ill and deemed that she could no longer render care to her daughter. Refusing to abandon Bhagayasri she sought anyone that would take her in and raise her as their own but she feared her efforts were in vain. Then she heard news of an organization that was caring for poor, downtrodden and orphaned children in Papavenasanam. She ran into the arms of Christ as she sought Harvest India to adopt her child in hopes that they could provide Bhagayasri with the food, shelter, education and opportunities that she could not. Three years ago Bhagayasri joined the orphan children home at Papavenasanam and her life has been marked by every opportunity in these last years of thriving. Sitting down with Bhagayasri she told us this about her experience.

“I am so thankful to God for the new life I have been given in my home. Because of BriteCity (who sponsors the children home at Papavenasanam. We are being fed three hot meals per day and we have shelter and education.. I love school and I have done very well and study hard. I am currently first in marks in the 8th class and was just recently awarded 2000 rupees for my academic achievements. I am very thankful to BriteCity, Bishop Suresh Kumar, Harvest India, and it’s staff and supporters who make my life so wonderful.”

Imagine that! Bhagayasri was just a poor, oppressed kid whose society told her she would never become anything more than her mother, a beggar. And now she is at the top of the ranks, first in class at her public school amongst 57 other young peers studying in the 8th standard, and being awarded rupees by the same government that refused to help her desperate mother. What’s even more powerful is that she has surrendered her life to the service of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and gives all the glory to God!


We also met Bhagayasri’s best friend and sister in Christ, Anusha. Anusha holds the second spot in the 8th standard and together in the orphanage they push each other forward, studying together and giving all the glory to the redemptive power of Jesus Christ! Bhagayasri and Anusha are keeping their eyes focused on the road ahead. They refuses to be marked by anything other than their perfection in the eyes of their Father. They both aspire to be general doctors so that they can provide medical care to others that are growing up the society that tried to oppress them into a future God never chose for them.

To find out how you can make a difference and sponsor the future of India please contact or visit Harvest India online.

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