Four Stories of Hope from India

Four Stories of Hope from India

Anjali 1

Meet the beautiful Anjali. She is 10 years old and is being cared for at our ROCKHARBOR children’s home in Tenali.

Her impoverished parents could no longer provide for her and entrusted her to Harvest India. She currently attends Quarry School (our free public school for all poor and Dalit children in the area) where she is thriving. She loves to study and hopes to become a software engineer when she is older. Her favorite activities are making crafts and playing with her friends that live in the children’s home with her. We are blessed to be able to provide an education for this child and to demonstrate Christ’s love for her each day.

Ramana is 6 years old and lives in our Vemuru children’s home. Her sweet face is matched by her beautiful spirit and temperament. After her parents died from AIDS and her relatives couldn’t care for her any longer, Harvest India intervened to offer her a home where she could thrive.

She is very shy but loves to sing, play games like jump rope with her best friend Tiputarao. Her care takers at the Vemuru home pray that she will be a doctor someday to help heal the sick and dying for the glory of God.


When V Balaram was 6, his world was changed forever. He lost both of his parents- his father to illness and his mother to grief as she was never able to recover from the loss of her husband. His uncle, with no resources to provide care or an education for V Balaram, heard about the opportunities provided by Harvest India.

Once again he had to endure upheaval and change in his life but thankfully, for the last time. He can remain in the safety and security of the ROCKHARBOR children’s home until he is ready for college. He expresses gratitude that he is able to receive an education, especially in math. His favorite part of each day is the evening time when he and the other children get to play in the safety of our 13 acre campus in Tenali, where the ROCKHARBOR children’s home is located.


As an infant, G Sudha Babu endured a loss no child should have to bear. He and his sister lost both their parents to AIDS. India is home to the world’s third largest population suffering from HIV/AIDS.

Six years ago some neighbors in his village brought them to the love and safety of one of our children’s homes. When asked what his life is like now, he shared, “I love to dance and play with my friends. My favorite class is science and I would like to be a police officer when I am older.” He also asked that people would pray for him and for his future.


These are just a few of the beautiful lives Harvest India is blessed to care for each day throughout the state of Andhra Pradesh. We strive to provide a loving, Christ centered environment for over 1300 children- all as special and unique as these. Thank you to  everyone who stands behind these lives through prayer and financial support.

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