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Harvest India :: 50 Years of Transformation

August 5, 2015

New Church Building

New Church Building

2015 is a very exciting year for Harvest India and we are thrilled to share what is happening with you- our faithful partners!

Fifty years ago, a young woman named Lalitha heard the gospel during an evangelistic crusade and her life was irrevocably changed. Lalitha was compelled to share the hope of the gospel and meet the needs of the poor in her surrounding villages. She partnered with a British man named David Prosser to conduct crusades in local villages, bringing hope and salvation to those in desperate need.

It has been fifty years since Lalitha began God’s work amongst the poorest of the poor, and upon her death, her son Suresh Kumar stood up to continue the call of bringing hope to the poorest of the poor in Jesus name. We have so much to celebrate!

Lalitha Kumar

Lalitha Kumar

We are marking our Golden anniversary this year in a very special way- we are hosting the grand opening of our new church on the Harvest India campus in Tenali. This building will seat 2000 individuals and will also be used as an event venue in the area to bring in income to the ministry. On August 28th 2015, Harvest India will be celebrating with two days of events. Harvest India board members, various Indian dignitaries and David Prosser will be returning to see how Harvest India has grown and to celebrate how his seeds sown in obedience have grown into a great harvest for the Kingdom in India.

If you would like to give to God’s work through Harvest India, please click HERE.

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