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Suresh’s Upcoming 2017 Visit & 2016 Recap

February 9, 2017

2017 – Dates for Your Diaries

Saturday May 27th 7:30pm - Fund raising concert at Cosham Baptist Church Portsmouth when the band Dragonfly will perform .  Dragonfly is based in the Portsmouth area and is a 5 piece band which plays covers from the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s and more. This will be a great evening of music and it’s free to attend with a retiring offering, so bring a friend! Click HERE for more info.

June 3rd to 19th  – Suresh Kumar is in the UK again and there are opportunities to hear from him directly. You can contact us via our email address to request a personal visit from Suresh to your church or group:

Saturday June 17th - A fundraising dinner with Suresh Kumar President of Harvest India as the after dinner speaker is planned at Cosham Baptist Church Portsmouth. If you would like to attend please contact us ASAP by email ( and click HERE for more information.

2016 – A Great Year for HI UK

What a great year 2016 was for Harvest India and Harvest India UK.  Suresh Kumar, President of Harvest India had a successful visit to the UK in June and made new contacts with Churches in the Bournemouth and Poole areas as well as strengthening ties with existing contacts. There were multiple fundraising events, such as coffee mornings, sponsored events  and continued sales of Punjamies and jewellery made by the women rescued out of the sex industry. Funds were regularly transferred to India to continue the wide ranging work along with specific donations for work in areas such as elderly care, hospital development and education. This year over £60,000 was sent to India. A big thank you to everyone who helped raise funds in all the imaginative ways and for those who give regularly. August saw seven people travel to India to see the ongoing work and to spend time teaching in the nursing college and assist with medical camps. The team (including two Trustees – Alun & Diane Davies) consisted of, a Doctor, three Nurses, two Physiotherapists and a carpenter (who had been a hospital project manager). As well as teaching, they spent time in the children’s homes, schools & colleges, HIV/Aids hospice. Elderly Care Homes, leprosy colony and undertook two evangelistic outreach meetings in villages a few hours away from Tenali. It was a humbling experience made special by meeting many of the Pastors and leaders of Harvest India over a breakfast and hearing of their work, their successes, challenges and plans for the future, the obstacles they have to overcome to spread the Gospel and meet the immediate needs of the people in the villages where they have planted their churches . Closer links were forged and greater understandings of the day to day issues for Harvest India were gained. The group revisited many of the projects and sites last visited by five of them in 2014 to see how they were progressing:

  • The Leprosy Colony new building at Boyapalem are all now occupied and the old tin shacks have nearly all been removed, but the old Church building still needs replacing.
  • The new paper plate making facilities on the HI campus are operational and supplying the internal Indian markets.
  • The hydroponics and fish farm on campus are up and running and well on the way to providing a lot of the needs for the food on the campus.
  • The new Dental College was in the final stage of construction and the accommodation block half built.
  • A new Children’s home has been opened in Bhattiprolu predominantly for children who previously scavenged on the waste tips. .
  • Rice fields around the KSK College in Bhattiprolu have been acquired and are helping supply the kitchens for the 1400 students. The new dormitories have been completed and the team had the privilege of opening them by cutting the ribbon.
  • The Hospital & Primary care Centre at Bandalagaruve is nearly complete and it’s walls in place and will open as soon as the new bore well to supply clean water is operational.

It was testament to the tenacity and determination of HI staff that many of the facilities, although only just completed had already been and were continuing to serve the community with even greater plans for them now they were fully operational. In October Trustees of Harvest India UK Alaric & Jane Hunt, Jim & Joan Manktalow went out to take part in Pastors Conferences and also see the progression of the work.

Joan wrote of the visit:

A significant highlight of my time in India this year was being in Peddaporam and meeting again the women who, having come to know Jesus as their saviour, have been working for some years in small cottage industries which have since been forced to close. In a lively meeting, when we discussed their future, the women were enthusiastic to start a business of making paper plates which has the potential to be self-sustaining and, perhaps more importantly, will not be reliant upon an overseas market. Paper plates can be marketed locally for use at weddings, parties and celebrations. It has the potential of becoming a profitable concern that the women themselves can manage, as demonstrated by a similar, successful project which has been setup in Tenali.  It was also a wonderful blessing to be reunited with men and women who had come to Christ twenty five years ago in a village at Old Peddapuram when a team of us had visited that area to run outreach crusades. Despite persecution, these men and women were still faithfully following the Lord Jesus and some of the elderly members of the church are now being looked after by the pastors family in their home. I met again two women who recognised me and we spent time together walking through their village holding hands because this was the best way we could communicate; such precious memories. For several years Harvest India have held meetings in a small building in the red light district of Tenali, giving rice and medical help to the women. When we visited this year a different group of women were at the project. We had a lovely time with these dear women, sharing the love of God with them and, as a result, all thirty two women accepted Jesus as their saviour. They said they would attend church if Harvest India sent a pastor the following Sunday – we subsequently learnt that all the women went to the church service. Please pray that they will grow strong in their faith. Out of all the wonderful and blessed times we had on this trip, these three are the most memorable incidents of my recent visit. I thank God for the privilege of being linked with this amazing work, which is witnessing revival and experiencing the abundance of God’s blessing.

Jane and Alaric wrote:

Bishop Suresh Kumar and the team at Harvest India organised a varied itinerary for us, enabling us to see different aspects of the work of Harvest India. For example, we visited churches, elderly homes, children’s homes, schools and colleges, a nursing college, an AIDS hospice and a new Harvest India hospital, which has just been built. There was also the opportunity to take part in food distribution to poor communities.. There were three one day conferences for pastors in different locations. Alaric spoke on the subjects of physical healing, spiritual warfare, and developing a prophetic foundation, and Joan spoke on overcoming challenges. The level of the prophetic increased during the trip, and was combined with healing.  There were two evening crusades, in which Jim preached and Alaric shared his testimony. This is a very fruitful season for sharing the gospel in India, despite the persecution that Christians sometimes experience. Many Hindus are turning to Jesus and we lost count of the people raising their hands to invite Jesus into their lives, but a conservative estimate is that at least 300 people accepted Jesus for the first time during our time in India. Another memorable occasion was presenting Bibles to a group of teenagers at the Harvest India compound in Tenali. We were so excited to receive a financial gift from a friend to buy Bibles for India, and we asked Suresh to arrange to buy the Bibles and distribute them. As well as receiving their Bible, each young person also received personal prayer and prophetic encouragement from the team.

You too can go out to India and see for yourself the work firsthand. For more information on trips, please contact us by email:

May Christ continue to bless the staff of Harvest India and all the work they do amongst the Dalit people and other marginalised, disadvantaged and neglected in India as they continue to Carry Christ’s Compassion To Every Village In India.

Thank you for your continued support,
The Trustees of Harvest India UK

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Abseiling for Harvest India

July 29, 2016

Spinnaker Tower abseil (8)To celebrate his 70th birthday, Ian Thorburn, a keen supporter of Harvest India abseiled 170 meters down Portsmouth’s Spinnaker Tower. (

Ian, who has been out to visit Harvest India to support the work twice, is due to go again at the end of August and raised over £1200 from his feat, splitting it between Harvest India and Tools With A Mission which he also supports. (

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New Year Update 2016

February 23, 2016

IMG_0229Happy New Year! We pray that you have had a good time celebrating the birth of Jesus this past Christmas and that 2016 will bring new blessings and a closer walk with our Lord and saviour. We are writing to everyone who has supported Harvest India in the past few years, whose details we have in our database to update them on the exciting work of Harvest India. If you no longer wish to receive these updates, please contact us via and we will remove you from our lists.

2015 was a year of change for Harvest India UK. There is a new team of trustees who wish to give thanks for the work of those who came before us, especially mentioning Rev Tracy Ansell. We thank God for the sacrificial work that has been done in His name for the benefit of those marginalised, disadvantaged and persecuted in India.

The new trustees are:

  • Joan Manktalow – Chair
  • Diane Davies – Treasurer
  • Alaric Hunt
  • Jim Manktalow
  • Alun Davies
  • Jane Hunt
  • Sue Slack – Secretary

Early in the year we had a flying visit from Suresh Kumar – President of Harvest India – on his way to the USA and he was able to speak at a few Churches and fundraiser events. We hope to have a longer visit from him sometime this year and are looking for opportunities for him to meet as many church groups as possible to spread the word about the work of HI and catch his vision. Please respond to this email if there are opportunities for Suresh to visit your Church and meet Church Leaders in your area?

2015 saw the big celebration in India of the founding of what has become Harvest India. Jim and Joan, along with David Prosser and his wife were guests of honour. The celebrations were spread  over several days and culminated in the official opening of the new Church on the HI campus.

Harvest India/Suresh Kumar won the Dr. Ambtker Fellowship National Award 2015 for the work that HI have been doing for the poor and downtrodden in the society of India, and the presentation event was held in New Delhi. Of the award, Suresh said, “This is very prestigious and distinctive Award that we got by the grace of God. We are all the part of this success, thank you so much for your love and support, God bless you”. Suresh also spent time meeting people at the UN/UNESCO at their request and telling them about the work of HI– evidence that the work of HI is having an impact, and is being noticed on the worldwide stage. God is good!

Other trips took place with Sue Slack and Sarah going to Tenali for two weeks teaching English in the schools and orphanages, also visiting the many of the amazing works being undertaken in and around Tenali. Alaric went out in November to lead a conference on Prophesy for the Indian pastors and see the developments. There were many signs and miracles during his time there which show that God is working there in so many ways. A résumé of Alaric’s visit can be found HERE.

A trip is planned for August 20th to 31st 2016, led by Alun & Diane Davies and anyone wishing to go and see for themselves what is happening on the ground in India, should contact us by the end of February for more information. (Approximate cost of trip £1000 per individual + fund raising for the work undertaken while in India).

We have continued to raise funds though various means over the year.  New Malden Baptist Church Messy Church group raised money towards a new water well, a vintage tea party also raised money for a new well, as well as beetle drives and coffee mornings all raising funds for the work. Trustee Alun Davies attempted to cycle 607 miles from Dover to Lands End over 9 days using only cycle paths and quite country roads. He had to stop at 463 miles with a swollen knee but was thankful that everyone honoured their pledges of support and £2500 was raised. With one off donations also received and the regular donations by standing order we have sent nearly £40000 to India in the last 12 months, and have money set aside for the work to be undertaken on the trip in August.

However, the profile and income of Harvest India in the UK remains very low. We need opportunities to tell people about the work and share the experiences of those who have been and seen for themselves. If you know of any church or group who would like to know about Harvest India, we can provide a speaker / preacher to share at meetings or services.

May we wish you all a Happy New Year and once again, thank you for your continued support for Harvest India!

Alun Davies
On behalf of the Trustees Harvest India UK

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Pastor Aleric’s Recent Visit to India

November 30, 2015

Pastors Conferences

India 2015_IMG_1Prior to the trip, the Lord showed me a vision of a house with another storey being added to it, and excavation work being done on the foundations of the building. He also gave me this scripture: “…the Church being built on the foundation of the apostles and prophets, with Christ Jesus Himself as the chief cornerstone.” (Ephesians 2:20).  Consequently I felt it was right to teach on building the churches on the foundation of the apostolic and prophetic giftings. The first two conferences were near Tenali, with approximately 100 pastors attending each one. In addition to the teaching, public prophecies were given, there was prayer ministry for the sick, and group activation in the prophetic. The third conference was held over two evenings under floodlights in the Peddapuram area in the bush. It was an open air conference for youth, but was also open to local villagers, so a variety of people of all ages turned up. The church there had a powerful emphasis on creative arts, singing, dancing and drama. There was a strong anointing on both evenings to preach the Gospel with signs and wonders following. Public prophecies and many clear demonstrations of healing occurred and on the first night 25 people gave their lives to Jesus.

Pastor Prakash’s Story

India 2015_IMG_2Pastor Prakash is someone I knew from a previous trip, and we met up again at the first pastors conference. He told me his story, which was confirmed by Suresh. A few weeks before the trip, Prakash contracted malaria and was pronounced dead by a doctor. He told me he remembers leaving his body, going into Heaven and encountering Jesus, who sent him back, saying that it wasn’t yet his time. Suresh said he went to see Prakash in hospital, and he had been dead for four hours. Suresh prayed for him to be raised from the dead, and the life came back into his body and he was healed. I asked Prakash if he would pray for me, and as he laid hands on me I had a powerful encounter with the Holy Spirit. After this, I saw a significant increase in the level of my anointing, particularly in the area of physical healing.

Diverse Encounters

This was an incredibly diverse ministry trip, which included:

  • Praying for the staff and patients at an Aids hospice
  • Preaching at two churches
  • Visiting a complex for elderly people and a school
  • Attending a funeral, a Birthday party, a nursing graduation party and some baptisms

There were many opportunities to teach and to offer prayer and prophetic ministry, with a number of healings and salvations.


India 2015_IMG_3During a visit to the school which Pastor Daniel and his wife run in their village, I shared for ten minutes about the love of God and played musical chairs with the children. In the middle of the class, a woman who was clearly demonised, her body bent over and wracked with pain, entered the room. The school class turned into a lesson in healing and deliverance! After prayer from Pastor Swaroop and myself, the lady was set free from the demonic influence, received healing in her body, and gave her life to Jesus.

On another occasion I was asked to speak at a 12 year old girl’s Birthday party. This was an open air party, which was attended by local villagers. A number of people received prayer, including a young woman who was tormented by evil spirits and had pain in her legs. During prayer, the spirits shook her violently and left her, she was healed, gave her life to Jesus, and said she was going to remove all the Hindu idols from her house.

India 2015_IMG_4Another highlight was an amazing visit to Pastor Abner’s orphan school and church, which was a four hour drive from Peddapuram. During a time of worship and teaching, with the children and about 50 church members, God moved powerfully with demonstrations of physical healing, including one man who walked unaided around the room for the first time in several years. There was much joy in the house that day.

During my ministry trip I also had the privilege of baptising 5 people in the river near Peddapuram with Pastor Joseph.

Faith Projects

During the trip the Lord laid on my heart three specific faith projects:

  1. To buy an acre of land for a group of pastors to farm, producing three crops a year and financial provision for 10 pastors and their families, plus jobs for 30 people. This would cost in the region of £15,000.
  2. Paper making machines plus materials to give jobs to many women, who have been rescued from human trafficking. The machines would cost £6000 and the materials £4000.
  3. India 2015_IMG_5I visited a factory a four hour drive away from Tenali, which is fully equipped and ready for use in making roof and floor insulation, quality wooden furniture, and with machines to make cement and concrete blocks. It also includes two and a half acres of land, including office facilities and two lorries. This would be a sustainable source of provision, providing full time jobs for 18 families, free building materials, plus money for food and resources for Harvest India. This is for sale at a reduced cost of £500,000. If someone were to give £300,000 Suresh could obtain a £200,000 loan for the rest. If anyone knows any business people who are interested in investing in this project, please put them in touch with us at Harvest India.

Thank you so much to everybody who prayed and supported us on this ministry trip. You guys are amazing! And thank you Father for all your love and kindness to us and the people of India.

Love and blessings,
Alaric and Jane

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Harvest India :: 50 Years of Transformation

August 5, 2015

New Church Building

New Church Building

2015 is a very exciting year for Harvest India and we are thrilled to share what is happening with you- our faithful partners!

Fifty years ago, a young woman named Lalitha heard the gospel during an evangelistic crusade and her life was irrevocably changed. Lalitha was compelled to share the hope of the gospel and meet the needs of the poor in her surrounding villages. She partnered with a British man named David Prosser to conduct crusades in local villages, bringing hope and salvation to those in desperate need.

It has been fifty years since Lalitha began God’s work amongst the poorest of the poor, and upon her death, her son Suresh Kumar stood up to continue the call of bringing hope to the poorest of the poor in Jesus name. We have so much to celebrate!

Lalitha Kumar

Lalitha Kumar

We are marking our Golden anniversary this year in a very special way- we are hosting the grand opening of our new church on the Harvest India campus in Tenali. This building will seat 2000 individuals and will also be used as an event venue in the area to bring in income to the ministry. On August 28th 2015, Harvest India will be celebrating with two days of events. Harvest India board members, various Indian dignitaries and David Prosser will be returning to see how Harvest India has grown and to celebrate how his seeds sown in obedience have grown into a great harvest for the Kingdom in India.

If you would like to give to God’s work through Harvest India, please click HERE.

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Dover to Land’s End Cycle Ride – In Aid of Harvest India

June 29, 2015

landsend_yabbedoo6Cycling from the Port of Dover thought the fruit orchards of Kent, historic Canterbury and the Medway estuary to Roman Rochester on day 1.  Day two, on thought the heart of London to Kingston cycling the Thames path past London Bridge. Day three cycling to Windsor & Eaton and on to Reading following the Thames and then through Windsor Park. Day Four sees the start of a gentle climb following the Kennet and Avon Canal to Great Bedwyn and then climbing on to the Historic stones at Avebury towards Alton Priors before descending into Bath. Day five is a more leisurely ride to Taunton on old railway lines (with the Staple Hill Tunnel) and parts of the Sustrans cycle network and the Somerset Levels. Day six sees the start of some serious cycling! Almost continuous climbing or descending though majestic scenery over Exmoor and the highest point on the route to Barnstaple  Day seven sees a flattish start before short steep ups and downs again with fantastic coastal views to Crackington Junction.  Day eight is cycling worthy of the Tour de France ‘King of the Mountains’ with some extreme climbs but rewarded with stunning scenery over Bodmin Moor before picking up the flatter Camel Trail and them the ups and downs to Newquay. Day nine is the final push – a challenging up and down route to Penzance though the ‘lunar landscapes’ of the old mining areas around Redruth and from Penzance, pushing on to the end – Lands End.

To Sponsor Alun Davies – Trustee of Harvest India UK – who is undertaking the whole journey – please click HERE to donate.

Screen Shot 2015-06-29 at 2.43.56 PM

If you would like to cycle one of the daily legs of the route, please see below and contact Alun by email:

  • Day 1: Dover to Rochester: 76.1 miles  (Max climb 150 mts)
  • Day 2: Rochester to Kingston: 63.1 miles  (Max climb 100 mts)
  • Day 3: Kingston to Reading: 49.8 miles (Max climb 90 mts)
  • Day 4: Reading to Bath: 87 miles (Max climb 180 mts –hilly middle section)
  • Day 5: Bath to Taunton: 87 miles (Max climb 60 mts – very flat!)
  • Day 6: Taunton to Barnstaple: 65 miles (Max climb 480 mts – very tough!)
  • Day 7: Barnstaple to Crackington Junction: 55 miles (Max climb 200 mts – very hilly)
  • Day 8: Crackington to Newquay: 63 miles (Max climb 300- mts – very tough!)
  • Day 9: Newquay to Lands End: 61 miles (Max climb 210 mts – very hilly)


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United in the Hope of Easter

March 29, 2013


During this holy Easter season, we reflect on the great sacrifice of Jesus and the victory in His resurrection. We take time to reflect and rejoice on the beautiful impact of Christ’s sacrifice that unites us with fellow believers around the world.

Just as many pastors and speakers prepare to lead celebration services this weekend, our Indian pastors are preparing to do the same. We want to introduce you to one of them, Pastor Veparti Davidu. He has been a faithful servant for the Kingdom for over 30 years. In fact, his son and daughter have also embraced this calling and are bible college graduates themselves.

Pastor Veparti has experienced great suffering and great joy as he has fulfilled the calling God laid upon his heart. He began his ministry in a place called Durgada, an area home to a large Hindu militant group, known to persecute Christians. Pastor Davidu shared that he has had his church burned, has been kicked out of his village and has been beaten over 100 times. Despite these horrific trials, he keeps returning to honor his calling and his church continues to grow. What started out as a community of 10 is now a community of over 300, with 50 youth in attendance.

God has also poured out miracles on Pastor Davidu. At one point he was diagnosed with diabetes and was experiencing kidney failure. While he was in hospital fighting for his life, all the Harvest India community came together to pray for him. As a result, he was completely healed, much to the amazement of his doctors. This incident has caused revival throughout his village. The congregation of his church are coming together to build a new, bigger church and they have committed to raise half the funds themselves. In a part of India where 95% of it’s population live below the poverty line, this is a beautiful demonstration of their faith and devotion to spreading the Gospel.

During this Easter season, as we rejoice in our Lord’s resurrection, remember the pastors in India and pray for them as they too bring the Good News to our brothers and sisters around the world.

If you would like to support the men and women who work tirelessly for the Kingdom like Pastor Davidu, please click here.

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Four Stories of Hope from India

March 20, 2013

Anjali 1

Meet the beautiful Anjali. She is 10 years old and is being cared for at our ROCKHARBOR children’s home in Tenali.

Her impoverished parents could no longer provide for her and entrusted her to Harvest India. She currently attends Quarry School (our free public school for all poor and Dalit children in the area) where she is thriving. She loves to study and hopes to become a software engineer when she is older. Her favorite activities are making crafts and playing with her friends that live in the children’s home with her. We are blessed to be able to provide an education for this child and to demonstrate Christ’s love for her each day.

Ramana is 6 years old and lives in our Vemuru children’s home. Her sweet face is matched by her beautiful spirit and temperament. After her parents died from AIDS and her relatives couldn’t care for her any longer, Harvest India intervened to offer her a home where she could thrive.

She is very shy but loves to sing, play games like jump rope with her best friend Tiputarao. Her care takers at the Vemuru home pray that she will be a doctor someday to help heal the sick and dying for the glory of God.


When V Balaram was 6, his world was changed forever. He lost both of his parents- his father to illness and his mother to grief as she was never able to recover from the loss of her husband. His uncle, with no resources to provide care or an education for V Balaram, heard about the opportunities provided by Harvest India.

Once again he had to endure upheaval and change in his life but thankfully, for the last time. He can remain in the safety and security of the ROCKHARBOR children’s home until he is ready for college. He expresses gratitude that he is able to receive an education, especially in math. His favorite part of each day is the evening time when he and the other children get to play in the safety of our 13 acre campus in Tenali, where the ROCKHARBOR children’s home is located.


As an infant, G Sudha Babu endured a loss no child should have to bear. He and his sister lost both their parents to AIDS. India is home to the world’s third largest population suffering from HIV/AIDS.

Six years ago some neighbors in his village brought them to the love and safety of one of our children’s homes. When asked what his life is like now, he shared, “I love to dance and play with my friends. My favorite class is science and I would like to be a police officer when I am older.” He also asked that people would pray for him and for his future.


These are just a few of the beautiful lives Harvest India is blessed to care for each day throughout the state of Andhra Pradesh. We strive to provide a loving, Christ centered environment for over 1300 children- all as special and unique as these. Thank you to  everyone who stands behind these lives through prayer and financial support.

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