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Pastor Aleric’s Recent Visit to India

November 30, 2015

Pastors Conferences

India 2015_IMG_1Prior to the trip, the Lord showed me a vision of a house with another storey being added to it, and excavation work being done on the foundations of the building. He also gave me this scripture: “…the Church being built on the foundation of the apostles and prophets, with Christ Jesus Himself as the chief cornerstone.” (Ephesians 2:20).  Consequently I felt it was right to teach on building the churches on the foundation of the apostolic and prophetic giftings. The first two conferences were near Tenali, with approximately 100 pastors attending each one. In addition to the teaching, public prophecies were given, there was prayer ministry for the sick, and group activation in the prophetic. The third conference was held over two evenings under floodlights in the Peddapuram area in the bush. It was an open air conference for youth, but was also open to local villagers, so a variety of people of all ages turned up. The church there had a powerful emphasis on creative arts, singing, dancing and drama. There was a strong anointing on both evenings to preach the Gospel with signs and wonders following. Public prophecies and many clear demonstrations of healing occurred and on the first night 25 people gave their lives to Jesus.

Pastor Prakash’s Story

India 2015_IMG_2Pastor Prakash is someone I knew from a previous trip, and we met up again at the first pastors conference. He told me his story, which was confirmed by Suresh. A few weeks before the trip, Prakash contracted malaria and was pronounced dead by a doctor. He told me he remembers leaving his body, going into Heaven and encountering Jesus, who sent him back, saying that it wasn’t yet his time. Suresh said he went to see Prakash in hospital, and he had been dead for four hours. Suresh prayed for him to be raised from the dead, and the life came back into his body and he was healed. I asked Prakash if he would pray for me, and as he laid hands on me I had a powerful encounter with the Holy Spirit. After this, I saw a significant increase in the level of my anointing, particularly in the area of physical healing.

Diverse Encounters

This was an incredibly diverse ministry trip, which included:

  • Praying for the staff and patients at an Aids hospice
  • Preaching at two churches
  • Visiting a complex for elderly people and a school
  • Attending a funeral, a Birthday party, a nursing graduation party and some baptisms

There were many opportunities to teach and to offer prayer and prophetic ministry, with a number of healings and salvations.


India 2015_IMG_3During a visit to the school which Pastor Daniel and his wife run in their village, I shared for ten minutes about the love of God and played musical chairs with the children. In the middle of the class, a woman who was clearly demonised, her body bent over and wracked with pain, entered the room. The school class turned into a lesson in healing and deliverance! After prayer from Pastor Swaroop and myself, the lady was set free from the demonic influence, received healing in her body, and gave her life to Jesus.

On another occasion I was asked to speak at a 12 year old girl’s Birthday party. This was an open air party, which was attended by local villagers. A number of people received prayer, including a young woman who was tormented by evil spirits and had pain in her legs. During prayer, the spirits shook her violently and left her, she was healed, gave her life to Jesus, and said she was going to remove all the Hindu idols from her house.

India 2015_IMG_4Another highlight was an amazing visit to Pastor Abner’s orphan school and church, which was a four hour drive from Peddapuram. During a time of worship and teaching, with the children and about 50 church members, God moved powerfully with demonstrations of physical healing, including one man who walked unaided around the room for the first time in several years. There was much joy in the house that day.

During my ministry trip I also had the privilege of baptising 5 people in the river near Peddapuram with Pastor Joseph.

Faith Projects

During the trip the Lord laid on my heart three specific faith projects:

  1. To buy an acre of land for a group of pastors to farm, producing three crops a year and financial provision for 10 pastors and their families, plus jobs for 30 people. This would cost in the region of £15,000.
  2. Paper making machines plus materials to give jobs to many women, who have been rescued from human trafficking. The machines would cost £6000 and the materials £4000.
  3. India 2015_IMG_5I visited a factory a four hour drive away from Tenali, which is fully equipped and ready for use in making roof and floor insulation, quality wooden furniture, and with machines to make cement and concrete blocks. It also includes two and a half acres of land, including office facilities and two lorries. This would be a sustainable source of provision, providing full time jobs for 18 families, free building materials, plus money for food and resources for Harvest India. This is for sale at a reduced cost of £500,000. If someone were to give £300,000 Suresh could obtain a £200,000 loan for the rest. If anyone knows any business people who are interested in investing in this project, please put them in touch with us at Harvest India.

Thank you so much to everybody who prayed and supported us on this ministry trip. You guys are amazing! And thank you Father for all your love and kindness to us and the people of India.

Love and blessings,
Alaric and Jane

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