United in the Hope of Easter

United in the Hope of Easter


During this holy Easter season, we reflect on the great sacrifice of Jesus and the victory in His resurrection. We take time to reflect and rejoice on the beautiful impact of Christ’s sacrifice that unites us with fellow believers around the world.

Just as many pastors and speakers prepare to lead celebration services this weekend, our Indian pastors are preparing to do the same. We want to introduce you to one of them, Pastor Veparti Davidu. He has been a faithful servant for the Kingdom for over 30 years. In fact, his son and daughter have also embraced this calling and are bible college graduates themselves.

Pastor Veparti has experienced great suffering and great joy as he has fulfilled the calling God laid upon his heart. He began his ministry in a place called Durgada, an area home to a large Hindu militant group, known to persecute Christians. Pastor Davidu shared that he has had his church burned, has been kicked out of his village and has been beaten over 100 times. Despite these horrific trials, he keeps returning to honor his calling and his church continues to grow. What started out as a community of 10 is now a community of over 300, with 50 youth in attendance.

God has also poured out miracles on Pastor Davidu. At one point he was diagnosed with diabetes and was experiencing kidney failure. While he was in hospital fighting for his life, all the Harvest India community came together to pray for him. As a result, he was completely healed, much to the amazement of his doctors. This incident has caused revival throughout his village. The congregation of his church are coming together to build a new, bigger church and they have committed to raise half the funds themselves. In a part of India where 95% of it’s population live below the poverty line, this is a beautiful demonstration of their faith and devotion to spreading the Gospel.

During this Easter season, as we rejoice in our Lord’s resurrection, remember the pastors in India and pray for them as they too bring the Good News to our brothers and sisters around the world.

If you would like to support the men and women who work tirelessly for the Kingdom like Pastor Davidu, please click here.

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