Harvest India UK | Our History
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Our History

Just like India, Harvest India has a strong heritage. Over 40 years ago in the state of Andhra Pradesh a woman named Lalithamma Kumar was called by God to reach the unreached people of rural India.


Her passion for God and her dedication to serving those in the low castes led to the founding of Harvest India Ministries.


Growing from simply sharing the gospel, to meeting tangible needs in communities, to opening orphan homes, to building quality schools, to caring for the sick and elderly our Indian based NGO continues to grow to be a source of light and life to the people we serve.


Rich in history and a tremendous foundation, Lalithamma passed on the leadership of Harvest India to her son, Suresh Kumar.


As an organization we are committed to following that initial call that was placed on Lalithamma’s life, we continue to strategize to meet the growing needs of the people we serve.

Lalitha Kumari